KANSAI YAMAMOTO discovered ARTWEAR and me in 1980 when he visited SOHO with his super model girlfriend SAYOKO YAMAGUCHI. His company was in NYC to put on a fashion show at the Roller Derby Rink, with all the models on roller skates.

The day before the show when he found me in my gallery, he was flabbergasted at the array of wild body ornaments and accessories. He invited me to his show that night and from that day on we became fast friends.

He asked me to collaborate with him for the next 4 years, doing jewelry for his spectacular runway events in Paris, New York and Tokyo. It was on the job training for me as I had to keep up with the explosive energy this man had. He is the designer who made all the costumes for DAVID BOWIE when he was ALADDIN SANE early 1970’s.

The breastplate on the home page is one he used for his finale scene with SAYOKO, See the total look in the photo shown here.

KANSAI just recently passed away and the fashion world mourned the loss of one of the most creative fashion designers in history.

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