Shortly after I created a collection for GEOFFREY BEENE, fall of 1979, I got a call from ZACH CARR  who was the main design assistant for CALVIN KLEIN. 

They asked if I would be interested to go up to meet Calvin and show the team my work. When they saw all the different colored oxides and plating finishes I was working with, they yanked me immediately onto their fall 1981 show development. 

Calvin was very inspired by the MAASAI blankets in Africa,  and was creating a fabulous and colorful collection. The team, including Kelly, John Calgano, and Zach, were so enthusiastic about my unique jewelry colors, verdigris, ruddy dark copper, matt black and 24k gold plated brass, that I ended up making an enormous and diverse body of work for the runway.

The styling was so specific, and Calvin hired 70 models so that each girl wore only one outfit with my jewelry perfectly composed on them. The show was a smash hit, and Calvin was heralded as a genius.  I won the famed COTY award for my work that year, and my career took off like a bottle rocket on the fourth of July!

Below are some of the press photos, (really old and dingy but at least I have them!!), and magazine shots that illustrate the level of attention I was getting due to this collection. This was also the year that Calvin did his famous TV ad with BROOKE SHIELDS, which catapulted him to mega fame.

It was for this show that I introduced my BLADE earrings, the TUSK SLING, the many variations of my disc family, the slithering SNAKESCALE belt, and stacking DELTA cuffs; pieces that would forever become iconic RLM imagery. 

Back in these early days there were no easy way to get digital imagery video or any modern such visual tech, but I am happy that I have been carefully archiving my work and the subsequent press coverage so I can share my history with you, my audience.

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