Well now I am trying to do a massive organization of all my archives. All my jewelry and sculptures and artwork and make sense out of it all. The boxes of orginal photographs, slides, super 8 film, Tall Stacks of Poloroids, all jammed into photo albums or bins and boxes protected from dust.

Here is going to be my Library of sorts, for me and my friends and peers can wander around and even add memories and photos. A library with sections of interest. Drawings and 2 dimensional art, magazine covers, tear sheets.

 Portraits and biographies of as many of the artists work I still own. Adding lifestyle images to get to know them more. A library where the new generation of jewelry students could dig around and become inspired or newly educated, Hoovering up new data like the star children they are. 

This library will be a very fun project for me to work with over the coming months.


Tone’ Vigeland

In May 2021, Rago/Wright auction houses sold a Tone Vigeland necklace for $30,000. These are the images from that catalog. 



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