I met Cara Croninger in 1975 at SCULPTURE TO WEAR GALLERY in the lobby of the PLAZA HOTEL. We were both represented by this legendary shrine to art jewelry by blue chip name aritsts (PICASSO, MAN RAY, ARP, BRAQUE, NIKI DE ST. PHALLE, CESAR, ETC). Owned by JOAN SONNABEND, who also owned the hotel, this gallery quickly became a hub for fashion editors and celebrities oooing and awwwing over this work.

She was a young vibrant artist living in downtown Manhattan, the mother of two children, Saudia and LoveLady Young. Cara had been experimenting with making polyester resin as a medium for her artwork, which included wall sculptures, large free standing totems and jewelry. 

Her color sense was amazing and caught the eyes of the fashion designers and editors as well as stylists who were eager to use her work in their work. GEOFFREY BEENE was the undisputed king of American fashion design and he pulled Cara into his world and directed her to make knock out belts for his collections. It was here that her non stop editorial publicity began.

When Joan Sonnabend (SONESTA CORP.) sold the PLAZA in 1977, I decided to open my own version of this art jewelry gallery, and called Cara to join me as one of my key artists along with TED MUEHLING, and PATRICIA VON MUSULIN. I called my new gallery ARTWEAR and from then on my paternal bond with Cara was sealed.

I began to give one-man exhibitions to Cara and also purchased some of the best pieces from her shows for myself. I was inadvertently starting my own personal collection of art jewelry by other artists. 

Now I am showing off these collections and offering them for sale. Please visit the ARTWEAR shop and see what treasures I have from her.

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