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My gallery is of my personal archives, mostly one of a kind pieces spanning from 1972 until the present. The gold plated work is always on a solid brass base. My silver is all sterling .925. I have always loved to incorporate mixed metals, copper, brass gold and silver into a single piece. I also have always loved to oxidize much of my work to evoke a timeless feel, or a reference to ancient artifacts.

Many people over the years have described my work as being a bridge between the ancient and futuristic realms. That is how I have felt, as a intermediary who can express both a tribalism and a modernism in the same piece. I adore Science Fiction and the spare clean lines of so much of my work is about futuristic design.

I have carefully stored all these pieces into seperate boxes and drawers all these years, wondering what to do with them someday…Each one of these is made by hand. Any of my production pieces for sale here, are but only one or two items of a style. All work here is signed and in many pieces the date is scribbled in as well.

 I can witness that each piece has a story within the American Fashion period of 1976-2021 and is a collectible piece of American Fashion History.( I can say that.) Literally everything I have made has been borrowed at least once by the editors of the fashion magazines due to the unique originality and powerful graphic boldness that is my ICONIC style.

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