Opened in 1977, it was the first of its kind in the world. A cross between a museum, a gallery and a store, FASHION people were fascinated by this new place in SOHO. The fashion world loved and flocked to it. Tourists from all over the world put it high on their lists of to-do’s in NYC. When SCULPTURE TO WEAR closed in 1977, I could find no where else in the entire city to show my work. I had just had my first VOGUE cover, yet no business establishment knew what to do with my work!!


Famous art gallery dealers like Ivan Karp and Leo Castelli told me to contact the fashion editors. Fashion editors could not publish the work without a retail store to list in the credits. Bergdorf Goodman, Bonwit Tellers, Cartier,
even Henri Bendel could not figure out where in their store they could place it.This agonizing quandry was the switch that made me an adventurous entrepeneur instead of a victim.


Due to the innovative displays, the body casts, the anthropological overview, the amazing variety of materials and artists viewpoints, and the hot music we played, the manager was a DJ,
we became the biggest buzz in retail for many many years…ask anyone who was there.


In 1994, I was forced to shutter the gallery due to massive changes in world events.


Sociologically, American lifestyles underwent a drastic and sudden change.The Gulf War and the following recession were a big part of that. Fashion nose-dived as the public suddenly wanted to “repent” from the excesses of the 80’s. The period of the “WAIF”, “Heroin Chic” evolved. Calvin Klein introduced Kate Moss, thin, wasted and not caring about makeup, hairstyle, or any kind of big brand name fashion. Suddenly, plain looks were in and the industry of fashion suffered.


Artwear struggled, all small prestigious fashion boutiques nationwide suffered, as people did not want anything too bold or overly creative. The art market crashed, The beauty business crashed.  Bold creative fashion jewelry disappeared from the magazines and eventually the retailers.


At ARTWEAR, over the 18 years, I held over 50 exhibitions, represented over 400 different talents, and purchased for my own collection what I could afford what I treasured from other artists. Now, on this personal website, I am showing this unique collection and offering it for sale. This is my next chapter, as I move into running a website, and online gallery.



A short video below catches the moment and the music and sounds of SOHO on a weekend in 1981-82





Here is a scrap album of memories of Soho in its heyday, surrounded by major galleries like LEO CASTELLI, OK HARRIS, MARY BOONE, SONNABEND etc, ARTWEAR was surrounded by limousines on weekends, waves of Japanese tourists, Warhol handing out Interview magazines, signing them on West Broadway, mime performers Klaus Nomi, and Joey Arias would perform in front of our window, passing by outside were Tama Janowitz,  Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Bianca Jaggar, Candace Bergen, Mariel and Margaux Hemmingway, Patti Smith and Robert Maplethorpe, all the fashion designers and stylists in the city, Steven Sprouse,  and all the club kids, and once the entire Michael Jackson family came into the gallery. Soho was sizzling. real estate went bonkers. We were geographically placed at the corner of West Broadway and Spring, the epicenter of the VORTEX of the energy that was Soho in the 1980’s.


here are some of the pieces that I purchased from the artists that I represented in my gallery. In many cases, some of these artists have worldwide reputations that have soared since since I showed their work. In that case, I have adjusted prices for the global marketplace.

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