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Man posing with art prints and sculptures

This Slovakian artist is a visionary. I have only one of his jewelry pieces but it commands me to reveal the bigger picture of his genius. 

In 1990 I held a group exhibition at ARTWEAR and one of the new talents I had discovered was Ondrej Rudavsky. He had a collection of very mysterious objects, a family of pendants made of polymer clay and sculpted with cryptic symbols, lines, and what appeared to be alien language. Fascinated and and drawn to the work I ended up purchasing one of his larger pieces, a bangle with protruding 5 “horns”. The image of the bangle is mixed into the photos below that I lifted from his website which is the following:  These few images are of the range of his artwork; sculptures, jewelry, film clips, animations, drawings and performance pieces.

Ondrej is an accomplished film-maker, a computer animation artist, who is able to evoke visions of the ineffable dreams of Atlantis, and ancient alien cultures as if he came from them. In fact it is obvious that he is a starseed, and traveller from the galaxies beyond our Milky Way. He is a magician who can blend space and time and stir them up into a new version of reality. 

I encourage all who are as intrigues as I am, to visit his website and watch his very short films if you want your mind scrambled in a good way…


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