QVC 22 Years Live On Tv.

In 1996 I was invited to sell my regtular silver collections on a new shopping channel called Q2. It was filmed in SILVERCUP STUDIOS in NYC and it was designed to be an upscale version of the regular mass market venue of QVC.  After two years of being quite successful on Q2, the channel was absorbed into the main QVC chnnel and I was asked to go on that, to sell live on air, my specially and exclusively designed jewelry for them.

My first show sold out nicely and I did enjoy the live tv venue very much. Over the next 20 years I became a regular fixture at QVC with my own show, RLM STUDIO and had actually created a business amounting to $15 million per year in revenue. I was encouraged to branch out into home collections and accessories. I was designing and selling flatware, dishes, tabletop, handbags, belts, and scarves.

The QVC business was very healthy and relatively fun for me. I often had two hour shows and sometimes three hour shows. Jewelry was one of the biggest income producers for QVC and I had many wonderful peers in our jewelry extravaganza shows. 

Now, jewelry has become a tiny fraction of the business it used to be and I no longer am on the channel. Times change. It was fun and I had hundreds of thousands of devoted customers and collectors.

Here I will show a variety of short video clips from my shows when we were at the top of our game. I hope you can enjoy them and understand what a special time that was for me.

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