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Robert Lee Morris for Donna Karan Double Wrap Belt/Necklace


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This Robert Lee Morris for Donna Karan Gold Plated Double Wrap Snakescale Belt/Necklace is an extra long belt and was a major part of the launch of the DONNA KARAN brand in 1985. The premiere runway show show featured this belt wrapped around such supermodels as Paulina, and Iman. Gold plated brass, the iconic RLM construction style shows how well Donna and Morris collaborated. With a sculpted hook at each end the belt could hook anywhere for wherever the drape was needed. Black and gold were the major theme and my voluptuous sculpted golden jewelry on the black stretch jersey fabrics was the perfect moment in fashion history. This was the ground breaking collection that launched both Donna on her own and pushed Morris faster and higher into his new directions.

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 48 × .5 × .2 in
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