Robert Lee Morris Gold Plated Wreathed Bowl


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In 1988 I began to create a new category of products for the home. Jewelry for table tops, objects and vessels that were not jewelry, not wearable, but still iconic RLM style, in the recognizable finishes of matte gold plate and Wabi Sabi finishes; browns, distressed and used looking surfaces.Old and soulful, used and worn. This was a very exciting and fertile time for the RLM company as I branched out into n=many new classifications such as leather goods, scarves, watches, and home accessories. I was pushed by Neiman Marcus to develop an RLM brand lifestyle.

This elegant piece, in gold plated brass, is decorated on two sides by clusters of carved leaves. Perfect little object for a bookcase, or bedroom side table to hold rings and keys.

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3.5 × .35 in
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