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Robert Lee Morris for Looney Tunes Charm Bracelet of Iconic Symbols


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In 1994, I had a license with WARNER BROTHERS to create silver jewelry and leather accessories for their newly born retail shops. This piece is from the Looney Tunes collection, ( and is a major piece of carving I have to say). I love carving wax, and enjoyed making this entire collection of characters and faces. Iconic Looney Tunes icons were the most fun to carve. This is a deluxe heavy duty sterling silver charm bracelet made of Yosemite Sam’s pistol, bugs Bunny’s gloved hand, Bugs Bunny’s carrot, Tweetie Bird’s perch swing, Coyote’s stick of dynamite and the detonator box with handle, Tweeties portrait,  A BugsBunny genuine silver rabbit foot,

Weight 6.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2.2 × .4 in
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