Robert Lee Morris Large Silver Knuckle Ring


This large knuckle ring is the most long and sleek of all five rings. These bold unusual and striking rings literally helped secure an iconic look, and a mythical image for Morris at the very beginning of his career. These have been copied all over the world by rip off artists, and have been selling in street markets since the mid 1970’s, but always an inferior product. These rings are sterling silver, made in New York City, and are flexible enough to open up in the back to allow for variable sizing, depending on one’s finger shape and desire to wear it either on the knuckle or below it if possible. Janet Jackson memorialized these rings when she launched her album Velvet Rope where she was interviewed wearing ten rings, one on each finger. Each ring is signed by Morris and marked .925 which is the mark for sterling silver. In the photo of the white hand, it is the ring on the middle finger.

Weight .56 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × .8 × .8 in
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