Robert Lee Morris Verdigris Shallow Bowl


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This heavy cast and oxidized bronze plate/shallow bowl, is a gorgeous and shocking blast of color for ones home. Created in the Wabi Sabi tradition of looking aged and worn, this is a sculpture for the heart chakra, giving off  high vibrations of spiritual energy.

Wabi Sabi is the term for the Japanese expression of beauty with a soul. It connotes objects and surfaces of common everyday tools carry a level of aged and worn spirit, a radical kind of new beauty. I was brought up in Japan from the ages of 7 to 11, a very formative period of my life. I lived in off base (USAF) housing in a tiny village surrounded by rice paddies and zen gardens. I played in and out of the magnificent Japanese school buildings in my neighborhood, old cedar, Tatami matting  and rice sliding doors. I distinctly remember how worn and soft the cedar doorframes were, how out Tabi covered feet would slip and slide on the slick highly polished cedar floors, smoothed from ages of slippered feet moving up and down the hallways of the buildings. I participated in classic tea ceremonies where every minute detail of the tea room was a perfect composure of Wabi Sabi elements, along with one dynamic Ichebana arrangement. These pieces from my home accessory collection are mostly created in the tradition of Wabi Sabi understated beauty.

Weight 14.7 oz
Dimensions 6.75 × 6.75 × .7 in
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