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Gold heart pendants

In 1987, Donna Karan launched her wildly successful brand called DKNY. Since I was under contract to design all her jewelry and hardware, I created a charm collection based on the iconic NYC symbols, manhole covers, mailboxes, street signs, all images of urban living. The fun of designing these charms led me to create my own collection of charms for the Robert Lee Morris brand.

It was then that I birthed a massive family of mythological symbols, hearts, crosses crescents, daggers, keys and locks to name a few. The were made of solid brass and then plated with my signature matte 24k gold, or polished sterling silver. Each was sold with a long waxed linen cord and worn tied around the neck as singles or in multiples.

In my gallery, I had the pendants hanging from a long tree branch inside the glass wall cases and people began to line up to buy multiples of these, for themselves and for gifts. The fashion media went nuts for this new “casual” daytime accessory and the editorial coverage I received is what drove the customers into the store to buy these.

In fact all of the retail stores that sold my pendants found them to become a constant source of income, and placed them into automatic reorder status. Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus had them on T-bars on top of the jewelry counters so customers could feel the gutsy weight of each one.

I am offering these very pendants here on my website but they are very limited. In fact there is basically only one of each kind left to sell. Like all the rest of my work that is for sale here, each piece is signed. 


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