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Working as a team, Klaus Laubmayer the German photographer and I created the beloved inventive and now famous Artwear Catalog in 1984, shortly after we had just published the RLM CATALOG. This remarkable publication became an instant collectors item. It focused around the three artists that were the anchors of the gallery, Ted Muehling, Cara Cronginger and myself, Robert Lee Morris. The rest of the gallery artists were shown in still life imagery. My work ws shot on two models who were covered in a concoction of mud, clay and pigments added in and generated an unearthly appearance very avant garde. Cara’s work was shown on body casts that were either frozen in ice or covered with sand, and the Ted Muehling model, Frauke, was embedded in a mound of white flour, an otherworldly look. Each book is signed by me, and is $25. Remember to select media mail as your method of delivery upon check out.

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