Robert Lee Morris Catalog 1983


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There are a very limited number of these very rare signed publications from Robert Lee Morris when the company was growing like wildfire. This booklet/magazine/ mail order catalog was an attempt to address the mail order business for the basic best sellers that the company had, the core pieces that were the moist popular. Photographer Klaus Laubmayer and super models Aly Dunne, Naomi Campbell, Rachel Williams, and Gabriel Reese made this a deluxe and prestigious piece of public relations. Due to the clever use of celebrity endorsements, and short quotes from the likes of Candace Bergen, Lena Horne, Tama Janowitz, Vogue and other high level glitterati along with the eyebrow raising photography, this “booklet” bcame a mega magnet for the fashion journalists who spread the word across the country and globe about the Robert Lee Morris world.


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