Gloria Lomas Lichen Collar Necklace


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The Gloria Lomas Lichen Collar with Tassals is essential iconic Gloria Lomas! She lived and loved in Miami and NYC, and created a big bold style of jewelry with all kinds of inventive techniques. Many of the pieces that I acquired for my private collection were created from lichen, and tree mushrooms, that harden into wood and can be dried and painted and worked with like wood. Gloria had a large style presence in every room. Her aura was bright and bold. Her work was intricately made using natural materials, paint, stones, instinct, and glue. I admire her style and her strength.

This spectacular neckpiece is made from a large curved piece of tree lichen, banded with gold leaf, and has three hanging units of brush-like thread for extra dazzle. A golden metallic ribbon is embedded into the lichen to be wrapped and tied around the neck.

Weight 7.9 oz
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 8 in
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