Robert Lee Morris Brass Sculpture #109, 12″ Verdigris Sail


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Robert Lee Morris Brass Sculpture #109, 12″ Verdigris Sail, on a vermillion metal stand is knock out visually. The family of Sail sculptures are the most iconic of Morris’ work, the round disc with the sculptured flow, the bright green verdigris color and the addition of a vermilion stand makes this piece a powerful piece of art for the home or office. 28″ high, the sail is designed to look like wind is blowing behind it and filling the form with a life force. The disc design was initially created in 1974, as a signature icon for the Robert Lee Morris jewelry collections, and have forever since been like logo for his brand. In 2002, Morris began to make sculptures called Sails, discs and squares and rectangles all with forged centers that appeared to be filled with wind, and shown as single sculptures or arranged in multiples. These are still available and are being made today in brass, copper and nickel silver.

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 28 × 12 × 28 in
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