Robert Lee Morris Brass Sculpture #118 Medium Sting Ray


Robert Lee Morris Brass Sculpture, the Medium Sting Ray, is a spectacular piece of art for one’s home. It is iconic Robert Lee Morris style, sleek, organic, modern and bold. The Sting Ray is an animal that has always inspired Morris due to its simple form and sensuous lines, and the way it flows and flys in the sea. This sculpture is strikingly simple, just a tall spreading form in glowing golden brass. The hammer marks are luscious and the base is solid lucite with the required weight to keep the sculpture stable. This sculpture is designed to be sold either as a single unit or with one or two other Sting Ray sc clotures of smaller and larger sizes. See the additional photos for such a grouping.

Weight 34 oz
Dimensions 31 × 10 × 31 in
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