Robert Lee Morris Brass Sculpture #120 Tall Thin Rectangular Sail


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Robert Lee Morris Brass Sculpture #120, is a Tall Thin Rectangular Sail, quite stark and simple in design, a soaring vertical tower of shiny forged brass, that is held in a black stand. Sui9table for home or office environment, the dramatic sculpture is iconic Robert Lee Morris style. Like his sculptural jewelry, Morris’ sculptures continue the bold style that he has been consistently making since the start of his career in 1974 when he moved to NYC and began exhibiting in the famed Sculpture to Wear Gallery, in the Plaza Hotel. The concept of “Sails” is simple in that Morris forges the metal to look like wind is blowing behind and into the “fabric” of the metal, being either a disc or a square or a rectangle, each design is strong and confidant and classic. Shown here in the gallery paired with the matching Verdigris rectangular sail.

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 36 × 6 × 36 in
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