Robert Lee Morris for Donna Karan Wide Oval Cumberbund Belt


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The massive collection of pieces I did for the DK resort show 87, all had a rich matte Gold plated glowingness about it… but the hammering gives it the look of 24k pure gold, this is the cuff Cleopartra would have worn daily. Like a wedding ring. So glamorous and rare. These kinds of pieces were all handmade by me and my staff in the city, NYC Fashion capital in the 80’s with the explosions of Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, mega names to match Armani and Valentino. Donna was the Queen by 1987, and this gold collection I did for her was over the top glitter. The hair combs and chignons picks, the pocket slides, sash ornaments gold glittered everywhere. So bold, overscaled, and extremely bold proportions in the earrings, the hats, the shoulders, and the buckles., Glamour from a Hollywood era, but so modern now.

One of the most fun areas for me was in making a series of unique large cummerbund style gold belts for this show. This is the widest at 5″ and 11″ long, and just use any sash scarf, ribbon, cord whatever you went to be the wraparound fabric element. The two large rectangular holes are to receive a wide variety of belting material.

Weight 5.2 oz
Dimensions 11 × 5 × .1 in
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