Robert Lee Morris Sculpture, #110 White Nickel Dustdevil Mobile


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Robert Lee Morris Sculpture, #110 White Nickel Dustdevil Mobile, constructed of graduated sizes of forged nickel discs. The underside is white, and the reflection of the shiny nickel onto the white surface above each disc creates a special kind of magic. The lighting is moody, and the feeling of the suspended form in the air is calming. The stand is a black metal curved hanger and the end of the sculpture, at the bottom of the smallest disc, is a shiny brass seed form, a lovely ending to the plant like artwork. At 24″ tall, this piece is very versatile for placement in the home or office environment. Iconic in the use of the logo like disc, the creation of motion and fluidity is the hallmark of Robert Lee Morris work. The name Dustdevil is due to the abstract image of a whirling tornado of dust one sees out in nature.

Weight 51 oz
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 7.5 in
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