Robert Lee Morris Small Sting Ray Sculptures “D”


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These small Sting Ray sculptures are designed to fit easily into ones home, either as a single on a desk or in clusters on a pedestal or bookcase. They are hand forged by Morris recently, as this is the new work he is making right now in 2023. Always fascinated by the organic flow of the animal the Sting Ray, Morris has just begun to launch these fluid forms in his sculptural vocabulary.

To identify the pieces out of this photo of 6 pieces, pease read the dimensions and prices from left to right, starting with “A” to “F” being the nickel one on the right. Each comes in a elegant lucite block as the base. They are quite lightweight, and made of brass (accept for the last one on the right in nickel silver).

Weight 7.48 oz
Dimensions 16 × 4.75 × .3 in
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