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Tone Vigeland is one of Norway’s most illustrious citizens as she is one of the world’s most cherished jewelry artists, and sculptresses. Coming from the famed Vigeland family of artists in Oslo, I introduced her Viking flavored jewelry to America in 1983 with a one person exhibition. She was an instant hit with everyone, from editors to consumers and collectors. I maintained a close relationship with her for many years, constantly showing her work, and acquiring as much of it as I could for my own private collection. See the blog post on this website for a more in depth portrait of this celebrated and world renown artist.

This is Tone’ Vigeland at her fiercest Viking look, a blackened silver sheath, soft and pliable, with randomly placed threaded rods sticking out like Porcupine quills. Shocking and starkly dark, this is a major collectors item. One simply slips the bangle over the hand and let it slither onto the wrist.

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in


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