Cara Croninger Blonde Belt with Slab


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Cara CRONINGER , a pioneer in the use of plastics, acrylics, resins, and leather, was an American great! I met her when we were both represented by SCULPTURE TO WEAR gallery in 1974. She was beginning to be featured in top fashion magazines due to her collaborations with GEOFFREY BEENE . Some of her pieces in my private collection are from her very early days in fashion news. I represented her from the day I opened ARTWEAR in 1977 and even long after I closed the gallery. She was a color genius, and master sculptress. Her forms and techniques were so original, with a strong shamanic feeling, embedded with her soul and spirits that traveled through her into her work. While the acrylic slice bangles would sell in groupings of 3-5, or even one at a time @$70 each, she was a raging success. A leader in the realms of art jewelry, women artists, fashion jewelry history.
The rich buttery color of the leather and the resin make this a golden look. Long pieces of leather, and strapping to anchor down a polished stone slab of caramel honey resin, the closing pendant.

Dimensions 50 × 3 × 1 in
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