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Kris Ruhs Flopping Bats Ebony and Brass Bracelet


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One of my all time favorite piece in my archive collection of the gallery artists, is this chunky flip-flopping Ebony “bats”  bracelet. All loose and moving easily on a network of natural rope fibers, sewn and constructed into a softened backbone structure. So much fun to wear!!

Kris Ruhs, a young cool, handsome and vibrant multi-dimensional, multi material, multi genius on every level of design, became a part of my ARTWEAR family in the late 1970’s, and I encouraged him, and gave him a place to showcase his remarkable creations. He was, (is), a painter and sculptor, finding his way into being an artist. He worked in an unforgiving exotic material, ebony, (for jewelry a most difficult medium to work). I love and hate this wood; it is so heavy, so dense and strong that when you saw it or sand it the sawdust of this exotic black wood is like pepper in one’s nose! I sneezed like mad whenever I worked this dense as metal material. I cannot imagine the sinus issues poor Kris must have had after making all these most phenomenal pieces of ebony jewelry to show in my gallery. In the early 1990’s, Kris took off for Italy and was hanging around the art and fashion crowd there in Milan. Soon I heard rumors of this fabulous new store there called COMO CORSO 10 a very chic place to shop and be seen. Carla Sozzani and Kris became partners and built this place for the international world to visit and celebrate art, design and music. Check out the blog I wrote on Kris in the menu above.

Weight 10.8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 1.25 in
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